MARY ELiZABETH* (_devotedt0you) wrote in bootylicioushot,

hey girlies. listen, i'm trying to open up a new rating community. gorgeous_hoes. & just because the community says gorgeous_hoes doesn't mean you're a hoe if you apply. i just wanted to clear that up. anyways, i do need some help on this community. i've gotten a whole lot of the rules down & everything, but i do need help making it look hott & all that. :] haha,, anyways. naturally - i'm going to be a mod & i'm looking for maybe two more? this is the first community i'm starting up, so i'm new at this. is there any advice from current mods of this community? any help would be greatly appreciated & if you'd like to be a mod, let me know. thanks so much. <333 mary

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